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AAPEX Investment Group, LLC is a new venture of an existing company for the purpose of expanding our present real estate business into the larger market segment Our many years of experience evaluating, acquiring financing, and managing quality assets allow us to identify opportunities and manage risk. We target stable cash flow from quality properties with solid economic fundamentals.

We have been doing business under DLC Investments since 1999.

David has an Applied Mechanical Engineering degree and is a graduate of Hartford State Technical College. As an active real estate investor, David has used his 25 years diverse engineering business experience coupled with professional real estate involvement to negotiate and purchase property at a significant discount, arrange financing at favorable terms, along with a comprehensive understanding of property construction, a working knowledge of mechanical systems, and cost structure associated with repair, maintenance and rehabbing, to successfully manage and grow a portfolio of investment properties over the last 13 years.

Alice has an extensive business background working as the Director of Membership, Education and Association Funding for a 500+ member Association. She has over 20 years of diverse business experience including budgeting, financing and program management. Her involvement with the State Legislative process, attending and speaking at public hearings and active participation with State Building, Fire and Licensing Departments regarding building codes, safety requirements and licensing issues have translated well in the real estate arena.
She has 13 years of active real estate investment purchases with a portfolio of condo, single and multi family properties, this experience translates well in establishing procedural systems, for a smooth transition from small to large multi-family, investment property acquisition and management.

We are dedicated to the use of real estate investments for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of invested capital. Its combination of real estate expertise and multi-disciplined skills with a philosophy of “hands-on management” has produced an established group which pays attention to quality, innovation, and performance, which resulted in past successes and are the foundation upon which it is building a future in real estate investments.

Our experienced executives have decades of combined experience evaluating, acquiring, financing, managing quality assets allowing us to instinctively identify opportunities and manage risk. We target stable cash flow from quality properties, with solid economic fundamentals.

Through strong management and marketing, we will develop a community environment where our tenants will enjoy living in a clean and safe neighborhood. Our mission is to develop strong investments secured by Multi-Unit Residential Properties in emerging markets through accredited investor partnerships. We serve our investors through a strong synergistic management team with an expansive background in real estate investing.

Vision Statement
We serve our investors, through a strong management team, by evaluating, financing, acquiring and managing quality assets to provide optimum returns and asset appreciation for investors by acquiring multi-units residential properties in emerging markets. Multi-family units offer the advantage of short-term cash flow and many value plays to enable quick increases in net operating income, thus increasing the properties’ market value and long-term appreciation.

We are creating a successful apartment acquisition business by systematically evaluating and acquiring income producing properties. Our goal is to acquire 3 properties with a purchase price between $5-10 million dollars per asset over the next 12 month period. We intend to use equity and debt capital and other debt instruments such as mortgage notes, discounted bank notes and REO transactions to secure these properties at favorable terms.

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